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About Us

Paper Straws King, The King Of Paper Straws World

Welcome to paper straws king store. we are one of the largest paper straws suppliers in the world. We produce a large range of paper straws in China and supply the eco-friendly paper drinking straws to many big supermarkets all over the world. for speeding the “paper straws revolution”,we have set up an online shop to sell the straws directly to our customers. Now you can join the revolution of the paper straws with us at,you can buy biodegradable paper drinking straws at reasonable price for your restaurants,bars,family, party,wedding and other ceremonies.

Why choose from us?

1.High Quality With Low Price

As last words,we are supplying many big supermarkets all over the world,our products are all made by 100% chemical free and FDA food grade-approved inks,the paper straws we provided not only been tested and approved by FDA,CE,LFGB,but also been tested and approved to sell on the supermarkets like walmart,target and so on,so order on our website,you can get top class quality paper straws in the world.and as you can see,our price is quite low.

2.Safe Shipping

Shipping is insured and trackable online. We offer shipping insurance to protect your package against any lost or damaged shipments. Any missing issues reported, we will reship your order immediately for free.

3.Many Choice About Design 

Classic design paper straws that even your grandma will buy,and more and more designs is coming.

4.Custom Logo Print Accepted

Do you want that your restaurant's logo been printed on the paper straws?by that way you can expand your brand influence,you can go to our “paper straws custom”section,order one sample first,email me the sample picture or describe some design you want,by that way,after a few days,we will give you one paper straw sample picture and video by email,you can decide to order bulk or not.



Why we need to switch to paper straws?

Before many years,people usually love to use plastic straws for all beverages and food stuffs,but as growing population and technology they realized that how plastic can affect your health?It can affect our land, our oceans and severe harm to the marine life,even to ourselves at last. On seeing these major issues,we have come up with the solution while producing biodegradable paper straws with positive vision and mission. What are the benefits of using paper straws? Let’s have a look on some points:

1. 100 % compostable and Biodegradable: We produce paper straws from the natural fibre which is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable in the right compost setting. As compared to the plastic straws, they are recycled and can’t harm the land & oceans.

2. All materials are FDA approved: The paper and ink used to manufacture paper straws are 100 % FDA approved.

3. Safe to use: Our all straws are made from the soft papers and they can’t not harm our delicate areas under mouth. they can be served with both cold or hot drinks.

4. Affordable as compared to steel straws: If you take care of your health then steel straws can be an option for you. but it costs a lot as compared to the paper straws,and it is some kind dangerous that you have steel straw in your in seeing the benefit to health and pocket both, paper straws can be the best option for you.

5. Shapes and sizes: All Paper Straws are available in all lengths and thickness for multiple beverage options. Also, there is an option for custom designs with custom sizes.

6. Natural and renewable resources: Our paper straws are made from the renewable resources like adhesives from the soya or vegetable oil and paper from natural fibre. More over, ink used for printing is food -grade.

7. Colourful straws for special kids’ parties: We also provide the special stuff with a variety of prints, patterns and color options. Attractive straws can make your party more special.

Have you ever seen the video that show people help to take out one plastic straw from one turtle’s nose,if not,you can  click this to see,to avoid that happening again,do not hesitate to choose biodegradable paper straws now!

Now or never!

Switch to paper straws to help the turtles,to help the oceans,to help ourselves!