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For Restaurants

As more and more serious marine pollution problems occur,more and more people realize that something need to be done for a clean ocean,In this situation,‘the biodegradable paper straws revolution’ is the place where the straws is consumed the most,restaurants and bars need to be the pioneers to make the the owner of a restaurant or bar,when your customers want to choose eco-friendly paper straws,we think they do not want to get your embarrassed answer “sorry,we do not have it,only plastic straws available”.

We make it as easy as possible to make the switch from plastic straws to paper straws. we set this straws online shop where you can order directly from us,and the delivery time is as short as about 3-5 business days.besides because we produce them,the price is quite low comparing to many paper straws suppliers.

In our website,the PAPER STRAWS RETAIL section is mostly fit for personal customer,they can buy biodegradable straws for family,parties,wedding ......of cause you can buy samples in this section also.

the PAPER STRAWS WHOLESALE and PAPER STRAWS CUSTOMsection is created for restaurants,bars,schools ......

In the PAPER STRAWS WHOLESALE section, restaurants or bars can buy paper straws bulk at wholesale price,and we will ship by faster shipping way like DHL,you will get them very soon (about 3-5 business day after you order),besides if you want to print your restaurants or bars logo on the straws,we can still help,you just need to go to our PAPER STRAWS CUSTOMsection to buy one customized sample,leave message about what  design you want or email us the details or your designs,we will give you the sample video and picture after a few days,you can decide to buy bulk or not.